Below are descriptions for the Pilates classes and sessions we offer. If you are new to Pilates, please note that 3 private sessions are required before participation in any group classes. We offer a Beginner Special to get people started.

Live Online Classes

Zoom Private Session $45

Beginner Special

$150 - Purchase

The Beginner Special consists of 3 private lessons.
The private lessons are to help teach you about the equipment and also gives us a chance to assess your individual needs. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just wanting to get in shape, private lessons give you a chance to let us know what your goals are and how we can meet them through group classes. Learning how to operate the equipment is very important in keeping your body safe in a group setting. ~ Enjoy!

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Below you will find all the classes and session packages we offer.

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Membership Options

Other Options

  • Single
  • 5 Pack
  • 10 Pack
  • 20 Pack

Private Sessions

  • Single
  • 5 Pack
  • 10 Pack

30 Minute Private

  • Single
  • 5 Pack
  • 10 Pack

Semi-Private Sessions

  • Single
  • 5 Pack
  • 10 Pack

Workshops and Other Offerings

Beginner Mat training on March 7th from 11AM – 4PM, and March 8th 12PM-5PM

Spine Corrector workshop on March 14th from 11AM – 1PM taught by Mat Enos