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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Pilates Studio

At Rocky Mountain Pilates we provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere for all ages, where people can train for the strength, stability, and confidence that will carry them through a long healthy life. It is our goal to aim our clients’ focus on the real beauty and strength they hold within themselves. Learn more about Rocky Mountain Pilates.

Our brand new, state-of-the-art facility was designed to enhance the Pilates experience for students in private lessons and group classes, and for Pilates teacher training. It is filled with light, beautiful finishes, and plentiful space. Read more about our new facility.


Take introduction class

Start with a short introduction to the reformer followed by a 30 minute full body workout from one of our certified teachers.


Take 3 private lessons

Book the beginner pilates package which includes 3 private lessons. This will familiarize you with the apparatus and gives us a chance to assess your individual needs.  


Sign up for classes

Check out our schedule to start booking classes and private sessions!


Our studio offers an extensive range of services and a diverse schedule of classes to meet the needs of all our students. 


Private sessions are great for all different purposes. Whether you're recovering from an injury or want to get in shape, we are able to use all of the apparatus and focus specifically on your individual needs. Private sessions are a great way to help you recover quicker from injuries and avoid future injuries. Private sessions are also a great way to reinforce your group classes and help to deepen your practice.


Semi-private sessions are a great way to have more individualized attention than you would in a group setting. We get to work on all the different apparatus and focus on specific goals.

All Level Reformer

This class is available to all students whether you’re just finishing up your private sessions and starting classes or you have years of experience. All of our teachers offer modifications throughout each class so you have the option to challenge yourself more or the option to modify. We use the reformer to help guide you through exercises, balance development of your body through core strength, flexibility and awareness, and allow your body to move more efficiently and gracefully.


The Tower is an apparatus that helps to increase your range of motion and unilateral movement while building long lean musculature. Your core has to work to manage the spring tension while you develop spinal articulation and stabilization. It’s a great way to strengthen your whole body and helps keep your spine healthy. This class is open to people of all levels and our teachers will always offer modifications as needed.

Jump Board

The jump board is a platform that’s attached to the end of the reformer that provides a larger landing surface. These classes are 30 minutes long and designed to raise your heart rate, burn calories, and build long lean muscles while keeping your joints supported.

Like Minded Pilates

The Like Minded Pilates class is reserved for people who have suffered brain injuries. It’s an all level reformer class and like the other all level reformers we always offer modifications when needed. Payment for this class is not required, if you’re interested in attending, please contact Kristin Gablehouse at Kristin.gablehouse@gmail.com